Social Media Strategy

Want to go from posting and hoping to posting with clarity and confidence with a solid social media strategy in place?

Do you have a social media strategy?

Be honest, do you always post with purpose? Do you set goals, know who your ideal audience is and understand what they want to hear from you?

No? Then I’m guessing you often feel confused and frustrated by the results you see on your social?

Imagine if you could

Sound good? With a bespoke social media strategy you can do exactly that and more!

About Jo Doughty, Founder of Always Being Social

Social Media Strategy with Always Being Social

When you sign up for my strategy package I’ll provide you with a clear, step-by-step plan so you can confidently manage your own platforms. This will be followed up with a follow up call with me to see how you’re getting on. You’re never on your own when you work with me.

What makes me different?

The Results

As well as having a clear, strategic plan you’ll gain back precious time to spend doing the things that you love – working on your business or spending time with friends and family. Not getting stressed about your socials.

What do you get?

Social Media Strategy investment

Strategy docs start from £600 (top-line) but typically cost £1,200

Ready to invest in your social media strategy?